And my heart broke today

A couple years back, I had made a decision for myself to never post anything “negative” on social media sites. I figured the world had enough problems and darkness to propagate it, and if I could shine positivity then it’d be for the best. 

But. Today.


Horrifically, another plane from Malaysia Airlines is gone.  Not to mention other regions of the world. Hamas/Gaza Vs Israel. There’s still so much chaos in Syria.

My heart is breaking. At the end of the day, there is so much senseless death and loss over....what? Let’s boil it down shall we? It’s because of: Hate/Prejudice/Ignorance. Then those who either have to/feel the need to retaliate to protect ones own. And thus the cycle begins. And where does it end?

At the end of the day, whoever is “RIGHT” or whoever “WINS”, children still were the cost. Innocent lives were still the cost. Nobody wins and my fear is these children of war will loose faith in humanity and choose the same ugly paths when they are older.

And all I keep thinking is “what can we do?"

I feel helpless. I have been given the gifts that come with living in a country like Canada. But is our only option to sit back and watch? Is empathy and sadness my only contribution? (Outside of donating to charities)?

My prayer is that with education, awareness, and empathy, future generations will somehow realize that war is not the answer. It never has been.

Now I just pray that the aftermath of this chaos ends as “well” as it can. I pray of the lost souls.

Still. I can’t shake the thought “What can we do?”.