Leo Awards 2014

Mackenzie Grey (Super Man: Man Of Steel) and myself dance our way on to the stage. It helped me relax and I had so much fun doing comedy skits with him throughout presenting. We were backstage improving our lines, just moments before heading to the stage, and it was so exciting doing that! The best part was giving the award away to the winners who were all so giddy and happy. 

Top: Dance Entrance to the Leo Awards. Middle: Comedy skit with my hilarious fellow thespian. Bottom: The best feeling in the world-giving away an award and making someones day!

Becoming Sophie

Here are some candid photos taken from the filming of my second producing project, called "Becoming Sophie". The cast and crew were nothing less than exceptional. My partner, Crystal Lowe, helmed as a first time director with Ashley Alexander writing and starring in the project, and Alisson Amigo producing as well. I couldn't be more proud and excited about the upcoming results. Looking forward to sharing the project with you all.